Our Surgical Steel Earrings Collection consists of our favorite Surgical Steel (SS316L) jewelry pieces that are also used in our store to curate healed lobe piercings. Surgical Stainless Steel 316L is a specific grade of stainless steel that is most suitable for body jewelry as it’s non-corrosive, scratch-resistant, and can be polished to an attractive mirror-like shine. As for the coated pieces, all of them are PVD Coated producing a low-friction, low-allergy, high shine piece of jewelry perfectly safe for healed piercings. Our pieces open and close with a clip or glide onto the ear, making their placement extremely easy! 

          We believe in quality that withstands the passage of time and choose carefully our body jewelry offering you top grade pieces.

          Check out our Ear Piercing Guide

            Gold Surgical Steel Hoops


            Knitted Gold Surgical Steel Hoops


            Wired Heart Rosegold Surgical Steel Hoops


            Braided Silver Surgical Steel Hoops


            Knitted Silver Surgical Steel Hoops


            Square Silver Surgical Steel Hoops


            Silver Surgical Steel Hoops


            Knitted Rosegold Surgical Steel Hoops


            Braided Rosegold Surgical Steel Hoops

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