Our Charm Collection consists of Sterling Silver charms that can be hinged to our Minimal Surgical Steel Rings (SS316L) or to Implant grade Titanium Clicker Rings (ASTM F136 6AI- 4V ELI). Both types of rings are easy to handle so that you can put them on effortlessly everyday. Sterling Silver is not a matterial that we reccomend you wear to your piercings, for that we have attached the sterling silver part to a Titanium Ring so that it doesn't come in contact with your skin and it is safe to wear long-term. Sterling Silver is not as durable as titanium or surgical steel and it may tarnish overtime. With your purchace you will receive a mini guide on how to take care of your sterling silver jewelry in order to prolong their life and maintain their shine and color! Our Titanium Clicker rings as well as all our Titanium Jewels include a Lifetime Guarantee.

            We believe in quality that withstands the passage of time and choose carefully our body jewelry offering you top grade pieces.

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