Our Metallic Studs Collection consists of Implant Grade Titanium (ASTM F136 6AI- 4V ELI) top-quality pieces that we also use as initial jewelry for our Piercing Services. Each and every one of them is Hand Polished and Internally Threaded, believing in the superiority of internal threading as opposed to external. This collection varies from minimal and dainty must have desings to eye catching, bold pieces. We have also added the option of Anodization to offer you beautiful tones of Gold and Rosegold in all of our designs!
        All the pieces in this collection include a Lifetime Guarantee.

        We believe in quality that withstands the passage of time and choose carefully our body jewelry offering you top-grade pieces.

        Check out our Ear Piercing Guide

          Ball Titanium Stud


          Bee Titanium Stud


          Beads Double Dew Titanium Stud


          Beads Daisy Flower Titanium Stud


          Beads Cross Titanium Stud


          Beads Arrow Titanium Stud


          Beads Curve Titanium Stud


          Beads Star Titanium Stud


          Metallic Leaves Titanium Stud

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