Our Body Jewelry Collection consists of jewelry pieces appropriate for Body Piercings such as navel and nipple piercings. We only use two types of matterial for body piercings either Implant Grade Titanium (ASTM F136 6AI- 4V ELI) or Sugical Steel (SS316L). For our Piercing Services we strictly use Implant Grade Titanium because it is incredibly lght and non-allergic making it perfect for fresh and healed piercings. For completely healed piercings we also suggest Surgical Stainless Steel as it’s strong, non-corrosive and scratch resistant.

        We believe in quality that withstands the passage of time and choose carefully our body jewelry offering you top grade pieces.

          White Crystal Dew Titanium Nipple Cluster Barbell


          Vermilion Crystal Flat Titanium Nipple Barbell


          Blue Opal Prong Titanium Straight Barbell


          Blue Opal Spikes Titanium Straight Barbell


          White Crystal Flat Titanium Nipple Barbell


          Titanium Straight Barbell


          White Crystal Surgical Steel Straight Barbell

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